Who are we?

A Team of Local Experts You Can Trust

We are a small appliance repair company providing quality work for every appliance in your home, from your kitchen to your laundry. We deliver prompt and long-lasting repairs to make your house feel more like home. You also get the benefit of helping a local small business in your area!


Are you having appliance issues that disrupt your daily routine? Does your oven not bake properly? Is your dishwasher not cleaning as it should? Call us, and we’ll fix any problem with most brands!


Convenience is our top priority, whether it’s the convenience of having your appliances work properly, or our quick and flexible service.

When you schedule your appointment, we won’t give you a vague window of when we may show up to get your home back in working order. We work with you and your schedule to set an appointment for the next 24 hours. We even offer expedited services for emergencies, so you are never left with additional and expensive damage.

Quality Work Guaranteed

With years of experience, our highly trained technicians are well equipped to fix any appliance problems that you may encounter.

We offer a full warranty on anything we fix so you will never have to call us about the same issue twice. We are your one stop shop for appliance repair in Australia.

Great Customer Service

We value every call. When calling during our business hours, you will never be stuck on hold for hours on end. One of our representatives will quickly answer and assess your problems so we can get an appointment set for the same or next day.

All consultations are entirely free, and we can even help you troubleshoot over the phone.

In the case that we are currently busy with another customer, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. We value all our customers and we will do everything in our power to satisfy your needs.


At AJ Appliance Repairs we love what we do! We have years of experience in repairing fridges and we understand the importance of delivering a quality job to our customers.

What Appliances Do We Fix?

All of them! Any type of appliance, all major brands, you name it, we fix it! Find out more about our:

Brands We Repair

We repair all brands, makes and models, yes even many older models too!

All brands

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Please note we are currently closed. We will be back up and running as soon as possible. We look forward to servicing you very soon!