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Baumatic appliances are reputed to be high-quality appliances that are not just appealing to the eye, but also work efficiently. But, just like any others, Baumatic appliances also are in need of repairs from time to time.

Here at AJ Appliance Repairs, we offer Baumatic repair services so that your household could be restored to its maximum efficiency once again. Trust us, we know what we’re doing.

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Say Goodbye to Your Appliance Worries

With decades of experience in repairs, including on Baumatic appliances, we have proven to be one of the most trustworthy and dependable appliance repair companies in Australia. We offer Baumatic repair services over a wide range of appliances.

Baumatic Dishwasher Repairs

Leaks, broken seals and motor problems run rampant when Baumatic dishwashers aren’t working as smoothly as they originally did.

If you start noticing your dishes aren’t quite as clean after you run a cycle or if there’s a leak, reach out to us asap. That’s what we’re here for!

Baumatic Washing Machine Repairs

Have you ever experienced the pain of going to your laundry room with a heap of clothes, only to find out that your Baumatic washing machine isn’t working?

Motor problems, leaks or a range of many other issues may arise and need an expert to look into the matter. That’s what we’re here for!

Baumatic Oven Repairs

An essential to cooking at home, what would we do without your Baumatic oven?

Heating element issues amongst others can prevent that batter from rising into the delicious cake it is meant to be. Let us help make sure that that joy isn’t taken away from you.

Baumatic Fridge Repairs

Food not staying cool? Going off too quick? Or maybe you can hear your fridge working that little bit too hard? Yep, you guessed it, your Baumatic fridge needs a repair pronto!

Even something as simple as a door seal that doesn’t quite stick anymore can be the culprit of many wasted veggies or food that’s gone off earlier than you expected.

Baumatic Dryer Repairs

Clothes feeling damp? Too much condensation in your Baumatic dryer? Is there an electrical burning smell?

These are all signs that you need dryer repair as soon as you can get it! Reach out to our friendly team, we’ll sort it all out four you in no time at all.

Baumatic Cooktop Repairs

Common problems relating to the heating element or fuse of your Baumatic cooktop can ruin a fresh start to the day. We can fix that for you.

These are only a few out of the long list of brands’ products we can and have fixed.


Experts in Baumatic Appliance Repair

Why Choose Us?

Turning to us for your repairing needs will prove to be very beneficial to you as a customer. Here’s why our past customers love working with us:

Free Consultation

Call us and we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation.

Full Warranty

Full warranty on all parts and labour.


We are trusted by customers all over the country, and have a reputation for providing excellent service.

Same Day Service

We know how the breakdown of a single appliance can affect the quality of your life. That is why we prioritise punctuality and offer same-day service where we can.

Customer Service

Focused on providing quality customer service.


All brands and models guaranteed.


Qualified Technicians with expertise.


Wide range of experience and expertise.

Got Questions?

How long will it take for my appliance to get repaired?

We take pride in offering the best customer service we can provide, hence we guarantee quick service as soon as we set up an appointment.

When possible, we aim to book you in on the same day you call. This is conditional on us having the necessary parts on hand and you contacting us before midday.

How much does it cost to fix my appliance?

At AJ Appliance Repairs, we strive to provide our services at an affordable price to our customers. Prices vary depending on the extent of repair needed and the appliance to be repaired. Please contact us for more information on our rates.

When should we reach out for repairs?

Safety should always be the top priority, so in case you sense that something is wrong, or smell a wire burning, contact an expert immediately.

Baumatic Repair: Next Steps

Just drop your appliance off at our repair centre anytime during store hours, or set up an appointment so that we can come to your home and fix it then and there!

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We assure you that you will be satisfied with your Baumatic appliance working perfectly once again. Feel free to contact us for any further questions!

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Please note we are currently closed. We will be back up and running as soon as possible. We look forward to servicing you very soon!