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It can be quite annoying if problems with the dryer occur, but our experienced team will fix them instantly.

When your dryer won’t work, first check to see if it is unplugged or if a circuit break has been tripped. You may also have a bad thermostat, damaged terminal block, or broken start switch. This is when a dryer repair is a must.

We Can Help With

  • Vented
  • Condensing
  • Heat pump
  • Washer dryer
  • Front loader

Common dryer problems

  • Your dryer has finished a cycle and your clothes are still not dry
  • Your dryer trips your circuit breaker
  • Switches and controls on your dryer are not working properly
  • Your dryer makes unusual noise from the drum or any other part
  • Your dryer shows service codes
  • Your clothes or your dryer smells like burnt plastic
  • Your dryer does not turn off

Clean the exhaust vent

This is the most important thing to do to maintain your dryer and help prevent fires. Remove the vent from the back of the dryer and clean out any lint build-up.

Check the vent cap outside

It’s common for lawn debris or dirt to build up around the vent. Clear it out often to let the air flow freely.

Check the vent cap outside

It’s common for lawn debris or dirt to build up around the vent. Clear it out often to let the air flow freely.

Clean the drum

Give the inside a wipe down with a microfiber cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove any dryer sheet residue. Let it dry thoroughly. Many dryers also have a self-clean mode which you should run often.



How often should a dryer be serviced?

It depends on how much you use it. If you dry a few times a week an annual cleaning would be enough. But if you have a big family and dry as many as three or four loads a day, you should have your dryer checked out twice a year or more.

Is it worth repairing a dryer?

If the dryer is relatively new (five years or less), having it repaired can extend its life and save money in the long run. If the dryer is past its life expectancy, it may be cheaper to replace it than to try to repair it.

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Through the years, dryers have become an essential part of every home. Our team knows that and will take care of your broken dryer in no time. We respect your busy schedule and our motto is no mess, no hassles and a fair price.

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