Expert repairs for range hoods and kitchen exhaust fans

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Specialist Exhaust Fan & Rangehood Repairs

Common Range Hood & Exhaust Fan Issues

We are a team of expertly trained engineers who have experience in fixing all range hood and exhaust fan issues. We are experienced in all major and minor repairs and part replacement jobs including:

  • Fan Not Pulling Air
  • Smoke Not Cleared While Using
  • Motor is Very Loud
  • Fan Does Not Stay On
  • Light Isn’t Working
  • Exhaust is Noisy
  • And more

Give us a call and we will provide you with a specialist to diagnose and repair your range hood.

Our Process

Fixing your appliance with the team at AJ by your side is easy. Start by getting in touch.We will schedule a technician to visit your home for a mobile range hood repair service as soon as possible. You may also be booked in for same-day service no matter your repair job.

In any case, you can expect your appliance to be expertly repaired by one of our dedicated technicians. We are known for providing excellent work and look forward to being your go-to appliance repair team.

Why won’t the light on my range hood come on?

If you have already tried replacing the lightbulb and have no success, the problem could be an electrical issue. This could be caused by a malfunction in the control board which a technician could address.

Why is the motor on my range hood constantly humming?

This is typically caused by debris and grease buildup in the motor. It likely needs a good cleaning or replacement from age or frequent usage.

My range hood is an older model that needs replacement parts, will you still be able to help?

Yes! Our team provides services on countless makes and models of range hoods and exhaust fans. We are familiar with all major brand names and have the tools and parts needed to service your range hood. Call us to schedule an appointment today.


Proudly Repairing All Major Range Hood Brands

Our team is knowledgeable in all major brand name appliances in every make and model. You can count on us for every job, every time.

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Why Choose Us?

At AJ Appliance Repairs, we believe in providing the best range hood repair services to our community. Our authorised team of technicians has experience working with all major brand appliances.

Our promise to you is timely service, quality repairs, unbeatable pricing, and customer satisfaction.

Give us a call today and one of our friendly technicians will be on-site providing you with the care you deserve as soon as possible.

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