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Local Small Appliance Repair Services

Save Hundreds With Timely Repairs

It may be small but that doesn’t make it cheap! Many small appliances fit into this category. If you think about the number of small appliances you have collected over the years, the total cost of them can be quite significant.

So when something goes wrong, why fork out hundreds of dollars getting a new appliance when you can easily save 5 to 10 times that amount with a timely repair? Isn’t it worth extending the life of your current appliance?

Below are some of the small, yet costly, appliances we can repair that’ll also save you hundreds of dollars!

Microwave repairs we can help with:

  • Damaged Power Cord
  • Interlock Switch Not Working
  • Thermal Cutout
  • Fan Needs Replacing
  • Faulty Motor
  • Temperature Regulator
  • Doesn’t Heat Up Properly
  • Broken Fuse
  • Cooks Intermittently

Vacuum cleaner repairs we can help with:

  • Clogged Hose
  • Blocked Attachments
  • Worn Drive Belt
  • Faulty Cords
  • Fan May Need Replacing
  • Damaged Motor Bearings
  • Dirty Filters
  • Moisture Absorption
  • Sluggish Motor
  • Trapped Debris

Air purifier repairs we can help with:

  • Electrical Cord Failure
  • Motor Failure
  • Faulty Switch
  • Loose Fan
  • Frozen Motor Shaft
  • Dirty Precipitating Cell
  • Clogged Filter
  • Dry Bearings
  • Broken Ionising Wires
  • Bent Collector Plates

Blender repairs we can help with:

  • Faulty Cord
  • Motor Failure
  • Broken Fuse
  • Switch Not Working
  • Loose Parts
  • Seal Leaks
  • Parts Are Worn
  • Runs Intermittently
  • Blade Won’t Turn
  • Blade is Loose

Food processor repairs we can help with:

  • Switch Won’t Work
  • Cord Failure
  • Motor Failure
  • Broken Fuse
  • Damaged Blade
  • Worn Gear
  • Broken Drive Belt
  • Leaking Seal
  • Belt Needs Adjusting
  • Blades Won’t Turn

Garbage disposal repairs we can help with:

  • Clogged Unit
  • Unnatural Noises
  • Jammed Flywheel
  • Broken Hose
  • Leaking Seal
  • Worn Impeller
  • Motor Failure
  • Doesn’t Grind Waste
  • Sounds like it’s working
    harder than usual

Juicer & juice extractor repairs we can assist with:

  • Extractor Not Working
  • Cord Damage
  • Motor Failure
  • Internal Wiring Damaged
  • Switch Not Working
  • Damaged Spindle
  • Worn Reamer
  • Stripped Drive Gear
  • Brush Damage
  • Burned Out Fuse

Sewing machine repairs we can help with:

  • Jammed Bobbin
  • Stuck Take-Up Lever
  • Failing Switch
  • Damaged Cords
  • Faulty Drive Belt
  • Loose Drive Belt
  • Corroded Parts
  • Rough Tension Spring
  • Faulty Motor
  • Damaged internal Wiring
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Why Choose Us?

Turning to us for your small appliance repair needs will prove to be very beneficial. Here’s why our customers love us!


We are trusted by customers due to our reliable and quality service.

Same Day Service

We know how the breakdown of a single appliance can affect the quality of your life. That is why we prioritise punctuality and often offer same-day service.

Fast Service

We’ll book your repair in as soon as possible, often on the same day as you call.

All Major Brands

No matter your appliance, we can repair all major brands, makes and models.

Qualified Technicians

We’re locally trusted experts for a reason! Our technicians are fully qualified and have decades of experience.

Full Warranty

Full warranty is provided on all parts and labour.

How long will it take for my appliance to get repaired?

We take pride in offering the best customer service we can provide, hence we often offer same day service if the appliance is dropped off in the morning. If the appliance is dropped off after 12 pm we are likely to get it repaired the same day, or by the next day at the latest.

How much does it cost to fix my appliance?

At our company we strive to provide our services at an affordable price to our customers. Prices may vary, please reach out for more information on our rates.

When should we reach out for repairs?

In case you sense that something is wrong, or smell a wire burning, contact an expert immediately. Risking your safety is not worth it.

Is it worth repairing a small appliance?

Small doesn’t always mean cheap! We find that appliances which cost less than $100 to buy are worth replacing with a newer model. Though many essential cooking, cleaning and other household appliances can cost upwards of $200 or even $500. These are the ones worth repairing as we can often save you hundreds of dollars by extending the lifetime of your small appliance.


Small Appliance Brands We Repair 

We work with most major brands, make and models including, but not limited, to the following:

Need Fast Small Appliance Repair Services?

We are a team of trained small appliance repair experts. We are here to deliver quick solutions to your servicing and repair requirements. Our clients love that we’re dependable and our service will leave you feeling taken care of.

Don’t hesitate, call us now for expert advice and repairs!

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